Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Jo & Ash's Real Life Engagement in Hyde Park, London: Capturing the Moment

You may well be familiar with the concept of an "engagement shoot" by now - little photo sessions where the photographer gets together with the couple before a wedding to get to know each other, make some fun images wearing some nice clothes in the couple's favourite spots. But what does "engagement shoot" really mean? I mean... they're already engaged right? They're already planning their wedding and most likely announced it. I sometimes prefer to call them "couple shoots" or "love documentaries..." <-- okay, maybe that sounds a bit soppy, maybe not that one. Let's go with couple shoot. They're more of a fun and exciting session, day out and excuse to make some truly great images and I enjoy them immensly. BUT, what if you got to photograph the ACTUAL moment at which the couple got engaged? You got to capture the sweet moments when one asked the other to be theirs forever and ever, the expression, tears and emotion that followed and give them the gift of immortalising those moments and being able to look at them forever more. That's a real engagement shoot. 
Here's the very real and authentic engagement shoot of the incredible Jo & Ash in Hyde Park gardens, London. It has to be hands down my most favourite engagement shoot, for many many reasons, and I'm about to show you why. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Hannah & Isaac's Vintage Car Autumn Wedding on the Lizard: Cornwall Wedding Photography

Back in September, George and I photographed a beautifully colourful wedding just down the road from where we live. It was so wonderful being among the familiar rolling river country of the Lizard peninsula and although there was a thick Cornish mizzle, Hannah & Isaac had a most beautiful day full of laughter, romance & pure joy. Being an Art graduate, Hannah had designed and made the arts and crafts herself and had decorated the marquee in a refreshing & autumnal myriad of colour & texture. There were pom-pom curtains, wicker picnic baskets, trestle tables and local Roskilly's ice cream in abundance. With views over the rolling countryside and Isaac's dad's collection of vintage cars, the setting was quintessentially British & the what a perfect couple. George had the pleasure of growing up with Isaac & Hannah as the three were old school friends and we had known since the early days that a wedding would one day be on the cards! Hannah & Isaac were one of those perfect couples that you always knew were meant to be, and what a treat and honour it was to capture their incredibly precious day. 

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Charlotte & Declan at the Corn Exchange, Rochester, Kent

Back in August on a hot summer's day, we travelled all the way up to Rochester, Kent for the colourful & romantic wedding of Charlotte & Declan. Set in the midst of the historic town, it was my first ever 'urban' wedding & such a charming, pretty one with a great castle that overlooked the pokey streets. 
Charlotte, a florist and art graduate, had designed so many of the details herself; the stationary, flowers, decorations; everything was so elegant & romantic with many personal little touches making it a truly enchanting day beneath the summer sky. 

Sunday, 6 November 2016

A Forest Fairytale Wedding at Caddihoe Scount camp in Devon: Chloe & James

I hope you're comfy and you've poured yourself a cup of tea because this is a bumper wedding blog post. Back in July, I had the absolute delight of being invited to Caddihoe Scout camp in Devon to photograph Chloe & James' super duper wedding in the middle of the forest. 

Friday, 26 August 2016

Lydia & Gerwyn: An Elegant Summer Wedding at Bath's Prior Park

Back in June, I had the delight of photographing this beautiful couple in the iconic Prior Park, in Bath, Somerset. Having been a student in Bath and a National Trust member, this Park was one of my favourite haunts during my student days but I never imagined I'd be fortunate enough to photograph a wedding here! When Lydia and Gerwyn told me their venue choice, it blew me away. 
Their day was a hazy, overcast one but the clouds were a welcome shield from the intense June heatwave that had descended upon us. The haze cuddled the city in a beautiful, soft light and provided a gorgeous backdrop for this couple and their enormous wedding party to celebrate their marriage. 

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Jenna + Scott Among the Magnolias: A Spring Portrait Session

 Spring feels like a distant memory now that we're well into the great British summer. I don't know about you, but I haven't achieved nearly enough beach days to be done with summer yet. If only I could wind back the clocks to make it spring again so that summer felt infinite and balmy, spread out before us. So to throw back to spring, I'm sharing this quaint little shoot that I did for Jenna and Scott in Bath's botanical gardens while the cherry blossoms were out. 

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Ben + Michelle's Somerset Spring Wedding at Orchardleigh House

Back in March, on what seemed to be the first day of spring, we photographed this enchanting, manor house wedding on the outskirts of Bath. After a long, cold winter, Ben & Michelle couldn't have been more fortunate with the weather to be blessed with spring warmth and hazy sunshine on their March wedding. Held at Orchardleigh house, a beautiful, Bath stone estate, the wedding was an intimate family & friends affair. 
It was elegant, classic and timeless, matching the grand location and George and I were so spoiled for picturesque photo opportunities. 
We can't thank Ben & Michelle enough for choosing us for their photographers. Their ceremony was truly spectacular and the guests were just incredible. Ben's brothers even managed to get George [my partner] to dance with them (photo evidence attached). 

Photographs edited in: Natural Finish |  Package: Full day 

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Sonia + Chris at the Mill, Near Bath: A Stormy & Charming, Winter Wedding

Back in November, the British isles were bombarded by a battalion of storms. When Sonia showed me around her quaint venue [A refurbished Mill] nestled in the middle of the countryside, we planned all sorts of rustic-inspired photos but on the day, when the wild winds howled and the rain beat against the windows, plans for country-lane photos had to change - but that didn't stop the fun! Some weddings, it takes a while for the disco and dancers to warm up, but not here. Sonia and Chris [better known as Tapp] love a party, as do their friends and it made for some of the most fun and entertaining party moments. Here are some of the highlights of their wedding :D 
They wanted a fun and relaxed approach [poses to a minimum] so George and I did our best to blend in with the crowd and capture the events as they unfolded. That's not to say we were completely invisible - Sonia is one of my friends so I also got to enjoy the wedding as a guest. 

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Journeying to Middle Earth: Keren & Jake's North Wales, Autumn Woodland Wedding

Back in September, I journeyed to Middle Earth to celebrate the spectacular, whimsical wedding of one of my incredible friends, Keren. By Middle Earth, I really mean North Wales of course and it was the first time I had ever travelled to those parts. As the fields became valleys and then mountains, my imagination came alive. It's easy to see why Keren is as creative and inspiring as she is, having grown up in such a beautiful part of the island. 

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Chloe & James engagement shoot: Briny Beaches & Wintery Winds in Devon

In late February, I followed the light and took an unusual trip from Bath to Lyme Regis, twisting along the unfamiliar Dorset roads. I had no memories of Lyme Regis - even though I'm sure I've been as a child - and as I approached the quaint, seaside town, I was filled with delight. 
I searched for the cafe where I was to be meeting Chloe and James and after a few phone calls, I spotted a waving arm and a smiling face and so I hurried up the stippy-steps to the poky cafe to meet these two awesome people.


Friday, 18 March 2016

Charlotte & Dec's Winter Engagement Session

Some highlights from Charlotte and Dec's rainy engagement session in the city of Bath in February. 

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Acacia & Gavin's September Wedding at Chacewater Village Hall

Back in September, the beautiful Cornish light shone and we found ourselves travelling to the absolutely breaktaking village of Malpas to meet Acacia on the morning of her wedding. Our jaws fell as we took in the river scenery and the light twinkled in through the windows. We couldn't imagine a better place to wake up to on the morning of your wedding; what a view! Over the river with the little boats nestled in the banks or bobbing away. It was absolutely idyllic. I've known Acacia for quite a few years now and she is the sweetest and kindest person, I was absolutely balled over when she asked me to capture her marriage to her Gavin. 
Fun fact about Acacia and I is that we also share a birthday! (Best day of the year to be born on in my opinion :P)

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Ben & Michelle at Prior Park

It has become almost a given now, that whenever I schedule an engagement shoot in Bath with a couple, the heavens open. It doesn't matter what time of year it is, you can almost guarantee it will rain on us. That didn't deter Ben & Michelle though; we caught the bus to Prior Park together, a beautiful National Trust historic landscape gardens in the hills of Bath and took in the astounding views of the misty city from its skyline. 
Ben and Michelle are getting married at the elegant Orchardleigh house in March so we thought that Prior park's romantic gardens reflected them and their choice of wedding venue. Looking very much like a look-book for Fat Face clothing's autumn/winter collection, we had fun exploring the park together (it was the couple's first visit), playing on the chair swings, discovering the little patch of delightful snow drops and warming our numb hands on the bonfire. Despite the dark colours, perpetual rain and grey skies, we had a truly delightful time and as the light dwindled and the temperatures dropped, we headed back to our warm homes to dream up photo's for their big day ^_^. I am so excited! Ben is also a friend from my last job so it's going to be wonderful to photograph his special day and see all my coworkers again, celebrating the love of these two fabulous individuals :D 

Friday, 12 February 2016

Lydia & Gerwyn's Bath Engagement Shoot

Back in blustery November, I had the pleasure of meeting Lydia and Gerwyn, a Bath based couple who have the most beautiful wedding plans for this summer, but shh! I can't tell you where - it's a secret, but it's going to be amazing. After chatting over coffee, lots of giggling and getting to know each other we took to the streets of Bath where their love story began, for an Odyssey of little, precious moments and capturing the joyful love between them both. 
They told me that the most important thing to them was 'fun' and 'silliness' (people after my own heart) and so I made it my mission to capture their energetic, soulful and lively personalities in their engagement photographs. Much fun and goofing around was had, that we barely noticed the time whizzing by until the rain set in and put a lid on our fun. I can't wait to capture the marriage of these beautiful people this summer in this quirky, old city. 
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