Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Journeying to Middle Earth: Keren & Jake's North Wales, Autumn Woodland Wedding

Back in September, I journeyed to Middle Earth to celebrate the spectacular, whimsical wedding of one of my incredible friends, Keren. By Middle Earth, I really mean North Wales of course and it was the first time I had ever travelled to those parts. As the fields became valleys and then mountains, my imagination came alive. It's easy to see why Keren is as creative and inspiring as she is, having grown up in such a beautiful part of the island. 

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Chloe & James engagement shoot: Briny Beaches & Wintery Winds in Devon

In late February, I followed the light and took an unusual trip from Bath to Lyme Regis, twisting along the unfamiliar Dorset roads. I had no memories of Lyme Regis - even though I'm sure I've been as a child - and as I approached the quaint, seaside town, I was filled with delight. 
I searched for the cafe where I was to be meeting Chloe and James and after a few phone calls, I spotted a waving arm and a smiling face and so I hurried up the stippy-steps to the poky cafe to meet these two awesome people.

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