Thursday, 12 May 2016

Sonia + Chris at the Mill, Near Bath: A Stormy & Charming, Winter Wedding

Back in November, the British isles were bombarded by a battalion of storms. When Sonia showed me around her quaint venue [A refurbished Mill] nestled in the middle of the countryside, we planned all sorts of rustic-inspired photos but on the day, when the wild winds howled and the rain beat against the windows, plans for country-lane photos had to change - but that didn't stop the fun! Some weddings, it takes a while for the disco and dancers to warm up, but not here. Sonia and Chris [better known as Tapp] love a party, as do their friends and it made for some of the most fun and entertaining party moments. Here are some of the highlights of their wedding :D 
They wanted a fun and relaxed approach [poses to a minimum] so George and I did our best to blend in with the crowd and capture the events as they unfolded. That's not to say we were completely invisible - Sonia is one of my friends so I also got to enjoy the wedding as a guest. 

Sonia's utterly breathtaking dress was taylor made especially for her. She went with elegant warm, champagne colours; yellows, pale pinks and golds. The venue twinkled like a starry sky and Sonia looked amazing in her custom dress.

 The venue is called 'The Mill at Rode' as is located on the outskirts of Bath. Normally a gastro-pub, they serve a wonderful Sunday roast and the place sits over a little river, nestled in the rolling hills.

Sonia's bridesmaids consisted of her daughter Emily, her sister and close friends. Her bouquet she put together herself and it looks so unique and pretty. I love the use of the herbs and so many greens. Below, Sonia adjusts her father's button holes while they wait in the basement by the log burner.

The face you make when you see your best friend and almost-wife rock up in an amazing white dress.

For a few moments, the rain relented just before the light completely faded [the couple had a 4pm ceremony.] 
In November, the sun tends to vanish around 4.30pm so it was a race against the light to drown the happy couple in beautiful, natural confetti. The ceremony was utterly gorgeous - I may have shed a tear or ten. These two are so perfect for each other, I can't even begin to explain. It's one thing when two lovers marry, but when two best friends and soul mates marry, it's something to behold. 

By this point the light was nearly extinguished but the Nikon copes well with low light conditions. I actually love the dusky look to the photographs. Braving the fields and country lanes was out of the question, but luckily the venue has a sweet little bridge which they had decorated with twinkling fairy lights. Below, Tapp and his best man. 

Below, sister & bridesmaid examining the wedding ring. 

Rocking the man bun at your wedding [below.]

Notice a little sprig tucked behind Sonia's brother's ear? I did! Emily took everybody by surprise when she stood up and did a speech of her own, welcoming her stepfather officially into the family. Her speech was utterly emotional and heart warming. Definitely the youngest speech maker I've ever met!

"Am I doing this right?" 

 It's not usual that I want to share ALL of the dancing shots. I have refrained, but there were some really great dance moves going on, I promise. Sonia & Tapp decided to forgo the tradition of the first dance, evading any photographic evidence of hilarious dancing. 
Despite the winds and storms, the wedding was such a cosy and festive affair. The venue with its fires and stone walls was perfect for a cosy winter wedding and a genuinely wonderful time was had all round. 

Package details: Half Day | Edited in Film Effect | Lighting: Flash 


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