Saturday, 9 April 2016

Chloe & James engagement shoot: Briny Beaches & Wintery Winds in Devon

In late February, I followed the light and took an unusual trip from Bath to Lyme Regis, twisting along the unfamiliar Dorset roads. I had no memories of Lyme Regis - even though I'm sure I've been as a child - and as I approached the quaint, seaside town, I was filled with delight. 
I searched for the cafe where I was to be meeting Chloe and James and after a few phone calls, I spotted a waving arm and a smiling face and so I hurried up the stippy-steps to the poky cafe to meet these two awesome people.

Time flew and we chatted about their concept for an outdoors, forest wedding in July (completely my cup of tea!) and by the time we finally headed out to the beach to start getting some shots, the sun had gone behind a perpetual layer of thick, silvery cloud.
It didn't matter, grey skies and the sea go hand in hand and with Chloe & James' beautiful, sea coloured tops - the colours melted into a soothing, natural ocean scape and we documented the elements of their personalities and relationship on the gorgeous, jurassic coast.
Chloe is a science teacher, and as we were so hunting for fossils and seaglass, I learned some great facts about the coastline. The setting fitted them perfectly as they are both folks of the great outdoors, and the rugged, ancient coast line was completely different from my usual smugglers coves. This has definitely been one of my favourite new places to take photographs and the misty weather suited the shoot perfectly ^_^

 An impromptu thumb war happened 


Make a whale face! 

Towards the end it turned bitter cold and we had to retreat back towards the village, racing the incoming tide. To say I thoroughly enjoyed this shoot is an understatement - I was in my element. These two were absolutely fabulous, great company and not afraid to goof around. They also completely understood my necessity to rescue a washed up, broken buoy (future garden decoration) and carry it around with me for the most of the day. 
I am balled over to photograph what I know will be a fantastic wedding in July, in Devon. I've already got the Air B&B all booked in anticipation ^_^ 

*This shoot was edited in my "natural" finish. 


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