Thursday, 10 November 2016

Charlotte & Declan at the Corn Exchange, Rochester, Kent

Back in August on a hot summer's day, we travelled all the way up to Rochester, Kent for the colourful & romantic wedding of Charlotte & Declan. Set in the midst of the historic town, it was my first ever 'urban' wedding & such a charming, pretty one with a great castle that overlooked the pokey streets. 
Charlotte, a florist and art graduate, had designed so many of the details herself; the stationary, flowers, decorations; everything was so elegant & romantic with many personal little touches making it a truly enchanting day beneath the summer sky. 

Charlotte's friend is a makeup artist & hair stylist for theatre and so Charlotte's gorgeous & elegant hair do was lovingly applied with experienced and familiar hands :) Her and her bridesmaids got ready at her family home in Rochester (Every venue for the wedding was within walking distance) and her parents who are caterers spent the morning whipping up a storm of food for the reception. 

Loved capturing these moments when one of her bridesmaids who had travelled all the way from America for the wedding arrived at the last minute on her door step.

Charlotte embroidered these hoops especially for her bridesmaids as thankyou gifts! They were absolutely heartbreakingly pretty and so thoughtful - so much love had gone into crafting them for each of the ladies. 

The girls shared some prayers before heading into the loveliest little town church I have ever seen with a wonderful wooden high ceiling and huge windows.

There was so much emotion at this wedding.

So so so much confetti was thrown. It was magnificent 

Dried petal confetti is one of my favourites! 

We stopped outside this jewellers for snaps since it was very dear to them both; it was this place where Declan chose Charlotte's engagement ring! 

After the ceremony, we walked through the bustling city to the vines park. Passers by in the street offered their congratulations and the couple were met with cheers as they strolled across the cobbles. It was a surreal experience as I have never photographed a town wedding before! 

You may recognise one of the groomsmen from a previous wedding I photographed at Prior Park! I was so thrilled when their friends came to me and asked if I would photograph their wedding too.

Dapper chaps 

I don't usually include group shots on my blog posts but people keep enquiring as to whether I do them or not so I realised by omitting them I must have been sending out the wrong message ^_^ The Vines park in Rochester was a particularly lovely place for family photographs with the lush summer greens & trees. I'm a sucker for parks! 

On foot to the next venue...

The reception took place in the Rochester Corn exchange - it was this grand building with an enormously high ceiling & great windows. It had a feeling of retro grandeur & so much space for a ballroom feel with lots of dancing. 

When you catch the guests catching pokemon!

Charlotte's twin sister Lydia was also one of her bridesmaids - she had put together a beautiful powerpoint show of their childhood memories together in lieu of a speech. It was such a wonderful and precious moment

Some people popped to Costa (which was right opposite the Corn Exchange) for a coffee fix.

We grabbed some family that we hadn't managed to capture at the vines for some quirky shots in front of this great little building.

For the dancing in the evening they had a ceilidh and everybody was up dancing.

It was such a vibrant and perfect summer's day filled with colour & joy. Thank you Charlotte & Dec for having me to do your photographs! I hope they fill you with happy memories for years to come ^_^

Package: Sea Breeze Full day 
Editing Finish: Film Style 


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