Saturday, 26 December 2015

Sharon & Daniel at Wick Court, Bath

It was when these two engaged in an all-or-nothing chip fight during their pre-wedding shoot that I knew they were going to be a rad, gnarly couple to photograph. 
Dan and Sharon didn't want a conventional wedding. They wanted something that was completely and utterly them and when we met up in a cafe to talk weddings and style, they explained their vision of something fun, natural and real. Something that reflected them and their quirky, artistic personalities. 
Their wedding absolutely oozed artistic personality. From hand painted pallets, a custom candy trolly, a toy crocodile head and jelly shoes, their wedding was a photographers dream and their company made it all the more fun. How many photographers have hidden under an antique four poster bed with the bride to ambush the groom after all? 

Friday, 23 October 2015

We stood atop a Cliff inside a Cloud

To stand inside a cloud atop a cliff by the sea as the droplets of water swirled around us, is a beautiful sensation. We watched it roll in and we waited for it to engulf us. And then I got to photograph that moment and hold it forever. It was perfect. This photograph is extremely important to me, as I feel incredibly privileged to have taken it. It was like a gift from nature and to be able to give it to Laura and Connor was such an honour. This is exactly what it looks like to stand inside a cloud. I just can't get over this. I love clouds.


Monday, 31 August 2015

Late Summer Sea Spray

When Georgie contacted me to ask if I would put together a bespoke shoot as a birthday present for her Mamma of course I said yes! I absolutely love taking photographs for people and although I hadn't done a shoot like this before, I am always up for a new venture. 
We decided to meet up at big Godrevy on Cornwalls north coast during the golden hour and couldn't have been more fortunate with the beautiful hazy weather. They brought a picnic with goodies and drinks and we got comfy in the dunes whilst I bustled around them and snapped photographs. 
I try to keep shoots as natural and fun as possible so that the smiles in the photographs are real so I followed them about the beach and we all got in the sea for a paddle, avoiding splashes from those rogue waves. Georgie and Diana were a delight to shoot, they were fun and up for anything and came fully prepared with glorious hats! 
What a beautiful idea for a present, a mother daughter shoot with a bundle of lovely images to take away and keep forever. I think I shall definitely put together a solid package and make this a thing! I had lots of fun :) 


Sunday, 16 August 2015

Isaac & Hannah's Engagement, Coverack Cornwall

George and I were so thrilled when Hannah and Isaac contacted us regarding photographing their local September wedding next year. George went to school with them and we were so happy when we found out they had got engaged as they were teenhood sweethearts and one of the loveliest couples we knew. 
We drove to the village next door to us, Coverack for their engagement photo's and chatted on the terrace of a tiny cafe on the sea front about their exciting plans for next year and watching the bluey green hues in the bay and listening to the gulls. I love my job. 
Coverack is one of my favourite villages and absolutely stunning, so we were spoiled with photo opportunities but couldn't do everything because there was so much! We walked up to picturesque Chynalls point past all the colourful cottages to snap away in the misty glow of the summer afternoon and capture the amazing bond between these two incredible people. 
Hannah and Isaac were delightfully adventurous and we all got splashed by sea spray and rogue waves! Even with soaked jeans and teeshirts, they kept on smiling and we didn't notice the hours slipping by :) 
It was an absolute honour to photograph this lovely couple and especially at our shared home of the Lizard Peninsula. It's not often we get to photograph an engagement so close to home! I'm really grateful for the opportunity in my life to capture the love between people, especially people we know and have seen grow together! 


Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Keren & Jake's Country Lanes Engagement Shoot

I feel like it's some kind of fate, that whenever I write in my diary that I have an engagement shoot to photograph, the heavens open and it rains - even in the most beautiful and dry of weeks. Keren and Jake were not put off however, and we navigated the winding country roads with Keren's cousin Lydia to look for a hill with a view. The weather was so foggy, we didn't find a view, however we did discover a charming lane, a chair swing and some most peculiar structures!
Despite the raindrops (and there were many) we had a lot of fun larking about in puddles. These two are so delightful, fun and beautiful in every way - Although I'm sad to see Keren end her chapter here in Bath with us because I'll miss her silliness and comforting presence, but I'm more excited and happy for her in her new journey with Jake back home in North Wales where they'll be saying their vows and beginning the adventure of a lifetime together. 
Capturing the pure, delightful love between these two souls was such an honour and treasure - 
Thankyou Keren and Jake for asking me to take these for you ^.^ <3


Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Sharon & Dan's 'Bath in the Rain' Engagement Shoot

Having briefly bonded with the energetic Sharon during a mutual friends' Dance Dissertation shoot, we quickly established, as she put it a 'Photographic Chemistry'.  I promise you that's not as weird as it sounds :P We are basically two funky humans who enjoy photographs and artsy fartsy things, so when she send me a message asking if I'd be available for photographing her and Dan's wedding in September, I was quite delighted and a massive bit excited. 
Naturally, it was pouring down with rain on the day we arranged the shoot but I am Cornish and it takes more than a bit of mizzle (something I am well adapted to) to knock my spirits. We met in a cafe and got chatting all things wedding- they filled my head with their fabulous ideas, and I don't want to reveal anything... but I can promise you, I think it's going to be a lot of fun and I can't wait to photograph it! 

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