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A Forest Fairytale Wedding at Caddihoe Scount camp in Devon: Chloe & James

I hope you're comfy and you've poured yourself a cup of tea because this is a bumper wedding blog post. Back in July, I had the absolute delight of being invited to Caddihoe Scout camp in Devon to photograph Chloe & James' super duper wedding in the middle of the forest. 
If you're looking for a way to throw together a really activity-filled, awesome wedding on a budget, then you need to talk to James. I hear a lot of comments about how Grooms often take a back seat in the wedding planning malarky but not James. When we met up in Lyme Regis for their engagement shoot, he explained to me that he was a self confessed 'groomzilla' and Chloe and he wanted to throw a party to remember. Well, I'd say their mission was very much accomplished.

Now you're probably wondering why I've photographed a watch - I do love to capture the details of the day, but why of all things a watch? Well this happens to be a very important watch, the most important watch that there ever could be at a wedding. While some couples use rings as a sign of union, James had decided to opt for a 'marriage watch' instead. I love the idea of deviating from the usual and adopting new ideas and traditions and loved how this played out in the ceremony. 

The day kicked off with makeup & getting ready at Chloe's family home near Exeter. It was the most chilled out wedding morning I had ever attended with everybody lounged around as cool as a cucumber watching 'Friends' on the telly. The relaxed vibe was contagious and I bustled around their garden capturing the gorgeous little details of the day such as Chloe's wonderful flower & tulle bridal gown, Lavender, Rose & wheat bouquet and of course... James' beautiful wedding watch. 

Chloe's Father squeezing in a little last minute gardening before the big event.

The ceremony took place in a woodland clearing at Ashclyst forest and the sun shone down on them making it the perfect, magical outdoor scene to say their 'I do's'. 

After the ceremony we took a few couple photographs in the clearing so they could have some time to breath before heading over to the 'marquee meadow' where they knew handfuls of dried petal confetti were waiting to greet them.

Yes... there was a bouncy castle. What an absolute dream! It reads 'Kids play' but there were a ton of adults who had so much fun having a bounce. Chloe & James really had perfected the 'activities' & 'entertainment' side of things which also included a Rodeo Bull. It took every ounce of strength I had not to get up and join them myself!

Around the marquee meadow there were clusters of 'chill out spots' for people to sit in the sun and lounge on comfortable sofas. It was as though there were mini-front-rooms popping up in the middle of the woods. It was great!

Everyone enjoyed an outdoor picnic style lunch with a buffet laid on. With vintage china & adorable pots of tea scattered throughout it was like an Alice in Wonderland tea party in the woods.

Bouncing on a bouncy castle in a bridal gown isn't quite as easy as you'd think!

Jame's and his groomsmen (& grooms lady!) were scouts & leaders which is why they chose the location of the scout camp and included these adorable scout badges as wedding favours.

Uh oh... somebody had too much fun playing in the bubble mix.

Part of the wedding also included a baking competition with prizes for the yummiest cakes (and also a french fancy)

For the evening food, not only did a chip van turn up but so did a hog roast and an indian curry buffet! For when you can't decide which comfort food you want (or for those who fancy all three) there was something for everyone. I absolutely loved this idea, the festoon bulbs came on and twinkled away while people could eat their food out in the evening sun - it felt very much like a little woodland fair! 

James and this team were very proud - they had built this bar lovingly by hand.

I couldn't have imagined a day running more smoothly or more perfect. There were so many magical touches to this day, it was truly such an enchanting wedding. The guests had an abundance of fun, the bride and groom were so relaxed and had more fun than everyone & the weather was so perfect for a July day in the woods. It was most definitely wedding goals & so much love, thought and work had gone into it which really came across - the guests were left wanting for nothing. 

Venue: Caddihoe Scount Camp Devon 
Photography Package: Sea Breeze Full Day 
Editing Style: Classic Salty Sea 


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