Friday, 12 February 2016

Lydia & Gerwyn's Bath Engagement Shoot

Back in blustery November, I had the pleasure of meeting Lydia and Gerwyn, a Bath based couple who have the most beautiful wedding plans for this summer, but shh! I can't tell you where - it's a secret, but it's going to be amazing. After chatting over coffee, lots of giggling and getting to know each other we took to the streets of Bath where their love story began, for an Odyssey of little, precious moments and capturing the joyful love between them both. 
They told me that the most important thing to them was 'fun' and 'silliness' (people after my own heart) and so I made it my mission to capture their energetic, soulful and lively personalities in their engagement photographs. Much fun and goofing around was had, that we barely noticed the time whizzing by until the rain set in and put a lid on our fun. I can't wait to capture the marriage of these beautiful people this summer in this quirky, old city. 


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