Saturday, 3 June 2017

A Breath of Fresh Air...

So as you've probably noticed by now, there's been a fair few changes around here! I've had a few questions flying around at me and I realised - It was time to make a little post to update you all on Salt & Sea Co. and the changes that have been underway. 

Name & Branding 

The name has changed! I'm no longer working under the name of 'Salty Sea Photography'. I know a fair few people were keen on that one, but I really felt that with all the changes, a fresh & smart brand update was in order and I fancied a name that was similar but fit with the move towards a brand that was cleaner, more luxurious whilst retaining its natural but whimsical feeling. So I created a new logo & have slowly been updating the social media handles... it's likely that the website will stay as for the time being... Although all those who booked under Salty Sea Photography will be receiving the original packages exactly as advertised while I work on making some sneaky changes to that area too... ;) I'll keep y'all updated on that one. 


This one I'm really excited about. I've been lovingly working on my new website in my free time... it's still a bit sparse while I get my portfolio uploaded (internet is slow here and spare time is as rare as rocking horse droppings) but I'm really excited about how clean, user friendly and simple it is :) I'm not a fan of complicated, whooshing, sliding effects that have become quite popular these days and I just wanted something very straight forward and easy to navigate. Bear with me while I get it filled up and keep an eye out for my newest work on my Facebook and instagram feed :) I hope you love the new site as much as I do! 


I've had lots of my couples emailing me curious about whether or not they're still having a second shooter now that George is no longer part of the team - not to fear! I've teamed up with some awesome photographers to help deliver the same (if not better!) great level of service. Each of them bring new ideas and talent to the table such as good old fashioned film photography, an eye for styling & new lighting ideas. I'll make sure I match the right assistant based on their abilities to your wedding so I know that they'll gel perfectly with your vision & vibe. 

Pricing & Packages

Now that I'm a graduate, I've lovingly built up my portfolio over the last 3 years & got the experience under my belt, I've honed my packages & pricing to a place that reflects the service I provide and appealing to the type of people I love to work with - chilled out, creative & fun loving individuals who love getting outdoors and adventuring as much as me. I've been so fortunate to work with so many great couples & little companies over the last few years whilst building my portfolio and I'm so delighted to be in a place where my business is attracting the sorts of clients I love to be working with. Having said that, I would still love a fair few more alternative & 'out there' weddings to book in, I love variety and being constantly wowed and blown away by people's unique ideas for celebrating. 
I've got some new packages up now such as my elopement package & a couple of casual 'couple shoot' packages themed around the idea of going off on an exploration together somewhere wild and getting awesome images. 

Changes still to come...

With new ideas flowing in, new talent on the team & me always looking for ways to improve my services... I've still got lots more new and exciting changes on the horizon. I'm going to be working on designing new packaging next, trialling some albums so that I can provide that as a service & offering rad new goodies such as Polaroids & film shots for people to take away as unique souvenirs from their shoots :) 

So thanks for bearing with me while I spend 2017 making Salt & Sea Photography Co. bigger and better. Bookings are open for 2018 now and while I'm living in London, for the next few months... it's a great opportunity for London and nearby based people to get in touch for their photos - even if you just want family or  a couple shoot. 

I'll leave you with a few FAQ's 

Do you travel for shoots?

Yes! I'll travel all over the UK (& world if you ask me to!) but for anything that requires me travelling for than 1.5 hours from my home/office address on the date of the shoot will require cover towards those expenses. Don't worry though - my car is a cheap runner and low on fuel emissions and I never charge more than necessary. I will travel for any type of shoot, be it a family shoot, couple shoot or wedding :) 

Do you do bespoke packages? 

Yes I do. If there's nothing on my website that quite works for you, get in touch and we can whip something up to suit :) 

Can you change the editing style of your images to suit my taste? 

I understand that not everybody's taste is the same when it comes to the finish of images! If you have a particular style in mind, we can discuss the final aesthetic of your shots before the shoot and I'll edit them to the best of my ability to match your vision... I always edit photos a little different to reflect the style of the couple and wedding and complement the lighting and colours of the day but if you're looking for something really edgy, grainy and filmy looking or maybe something clean and natural... that's not a problem! Just let me know and we'll cook up a style that reflects you. Once I've edited the final images however and handed them over... there's no tweaks and do-overs which is why engagement shoots are a great opportunity to work together and decide if I'm definitely the photographer for you. 

Can I see a gallery of a full wedding?

Yes! Just pop me an email and I'll share a link to one of my online galleries that my clients receive and that will show you exactly what one of my weddings look like, start to finish. 

Whoever you are, whether friend, past client (basically still friend :p) or stranger, Thank you for taking the time to read this and care and following along on this big adventure of picture making! :D Wishing you a wonderful weekend 

Sarah xxx 


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