Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Sharon & Dan's 'Bath in the Rain' Engagement Shoot

Having briefly bonded with the energetic Sharon during a mutual friends' Dance Dissertation shoot, we quickly established, as she put it a 'Photographic Chemistry'.  I promise you that's not as weird as it sounds :P We are basically two funky humans who enjoy photographs and artsy fartsy things, so when she send me a message asking if I'd be available for photographing her and Dan's wedding in September, I was quite delighted and a massive bit excited. 
Naturally, it was pouring down with rain on the day we arranged the shoot but I am Cornish and it takes more than a bit of mizzle (something I am well adapted to) to knock my spirits. We met in a cafe and got chatting all things wedding- they filled my head with their fabulous ideas, and I don't want to reveal anything... but I can promise you, I think it's going to be a lot of fun and I can't wait to photograph it! 

 Stopping for a snack attack 

 I said "Lick her"

 Rings and things

 I love all things fun and silliness and these two are well practiced in the art of play. I loved capturing their beautifully playful relationship on Bath's old streets.

eeep. I just can't decide between B&W or Colour >.<

 They surprised me with this one 

I never asked them to do these things :P Like I said, they've got fun down to a fine art 

 The next day, we met up again to take a peek around their venue and get well acquainted with the lighting conditions/photogenic spots etc. George came this time as he'll be assisting me on the day :)

 Spot the swinging Sharon 

 There were chickens 

it began to rain again, but the light was so charming. This above photo is utterly unadulterated by photoshop. I couldn't bear to edit it, I loved it as it was.

Really looking forward to September and photographing a few more lovely couples over the summer :) I'm taking things slowly with the wedding side of Salty Sea Photography, building up my portfolio and arsenal of camera equipment ready for going completely photography mad when I finish Uni.
I have put together a trial catalogue however, for enquiries of those who do fancy my services! :)
I also photograph couples (who just fancy celebrating their togetherness) families, dancers, children, fashion & documentary. My true passion in photography is storytelling of all kinds. Can't wait to give my website an overhaul this summer and start working on some new branding!

For my non-commericial/work shoots and personal work, hop over to my personal blog or website :)

More work will be popping up here soon! Thank you for visiting ^.^ xo

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