Friday, 23 October 2015

We stood atop a Cliff inside a Cloud

To stand inside a cloud atop a cliff by the sea as the droplets of water swirled around us, is a beautiful sensation. We watched it roll in and we waited for it to engulf us. And then I got to photograph that moment and hold it forever. It was perfect. This photograph is extremely important to me, as I feel incredibly privileged to have taken it. It was like a gift from nature and to be able to give it to Laura and Connor was such an honour. This is exactly what it looks like to stand inside a cloud. I just can't get over this. I love clouds.

I ran a photo competition on my blog offering a complimentary photoshoot in celebration that same sex marriage was legalised throughout America. Connor won this shoot and so the three of us trundled down to Rinsey head in my yellow car to catch the ebbing remnants of the late summer sun. Just spending time with this fabulous pair is a treat enough, but they were so much fun to photograph.


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