Thursday, 28 December 2017

Cornwall Wedding Photographer: Salt & Sea Photography Co. Highlights of 2017

Is it really almost the end of 2017 already? I feel like we've only just got here! I'm sure it's an overused phrase but it really does feel like it was 'only yesterday' that I was sat on the bank of the Helford River with my friends, listening to the oyster catchers, watching the light fade and seeing in the new year. And suddenly here I am at the end. 

But it's not like I've reached the end all of a sudden with nothing to show; 2017 has been one of the most incredible years of my life. Utterly transitional, filled to the brim with adventure and a year of learning and opportunity. I lived in London for a while, drove to Scotland to capture an elopement in the highlands, travelled up and down the country attending many incredible weddings & photographing them, visited Northern Ireland for the very first time, spent a lot of time at the beach and in many different lidos around the country and fell in love. 

This year has been amazing and in all honesty, it wouldn't have been half so great if these incredible people hadn't asked me to photograph their weddings thus enabling me to travel around the UK capturing their moments. So here they are, some of my favourite photographs of the year, my highlights of 2017. I hope it captures it nicely :) 

I'm going to start it off with my favourite photograph of the entire year; it's not even a wedding photograph. It's a shot I took of Tom & Gina at their pre-shoot in Tom's home village of Porthtowan back in June. Sometimes couples like to get together to hang out and make some cool, sweet pictures before the wedding day. Some people call this an engagement shoot but for others, it works as a sort of trial for getting used to the camera. Either way, it's always a whole bunch of fun and means I get to know great new people, hang out in a beautiful spot and do the thing I love. 
For me, this image encapsulates everything I love about life & documentary & inspiration: the pure joy in bonds between people, light, sweetness, our place within nature and of course the ocean. Those little dots you can see are actually these little bugs that were lit up in the evening sunlight; I hadn't intended to capture them but it happened anyway. This is my all-time favourite photograph of the year and I was just so darn happy to be there, in that moment & witness these guys being all cute together by the sea. 

Ok... this is my other favourite image from the whole year. Back in January, my dear friend Alex & I wanted to create a photo story that captured ethereal images documenting an elopement that was reminiscent of shipwrecks and Shakespearean tales. I loved everything about this shoot; we hadn't intended for the weather to be misty but it had worked out that way and that was one of my favourite aspects of the day; I adore mist. Capturing enchanting images that evoked my imagination and created a sense of calm, quiet magic in the every day is what I live for and being surrounded by echoey sea caves, rushing, crashing waves and swirling mists was exactly want to be doing with my life. It's not just the aesthetic of the images that stirs me from this shoot but the real memories that came with it. 

Another image from an informal pre-shoot session; I've ALWAYS wanted to do a shoot at Kew Gardens. Finally, my dream was realised back when I was living in London and Jo & David were equally excited as I was to take photographs there. It actually tied in rather nicely with their real wedding which took place in a glasshouse in Northern Ireland. But I love this image of these guys nestled within the gorgeous structure; a combination of architecture from yesteryear and magnificent greenery.  

Back in January, I got to travel to beautiful Hereford for the first time to capture the pretty & enchanting winter wedding of Rachel & Russell. 
Set in the loveliest barn venue, Lyde Arundel, absolutely perfect for a winter wedding. Russell had stayed true to his Scottish roots and laid on a very popular Whiskey & Cigar bar. Needless to say that went down a treat. It was a beautiful day, there was some seriously ace dancing going on and these had even secretly learned the choreography to Beauty & the Beast's 'Tale as Old as Time' for their first dance which left the majority of the spectators open mouthed and teary eyed. 

In February, Alice & Lewis' wedding at Trevenna Barns was full of mischief. If there was one thing  the groom Lewis loved to do, it was always raise a laugh. This touching image below though happened during the speeches -instead to tears of laughter, Lewis brought real tears of emotion to his father's eyes in a truly sweet moment. It's these sorts of moments that define a brilliantly heartfelt wedding filled with love and unbreakable bonds and make it one to remember. 

I'd been wanting to visit Mudeford spit for a while so when then-bride-to-be Lydia said that it was her favourite childhood haunt and she would love to have her engagement shoot here, I was so delighted. The weather was gorgeously hazy and misty for us too and it wasn't too cold despite the march breeze. I had so much fun with these guys, running amongst the beach huts and afterwards, hanging out here with my dad on one of our road trips. This was a really special trip for me, it also happened during a very transitional time in my life and I look back over this memory with real fondness and joy.

Sometimes you can plan for a morning sunrise shoot on the beach but the rain has other ideas! 
It wasn't so bad... we had to 'compromise' for Potager garden's gorgeous wisteria which was in bloom in the glass houses and we had such a wonderful time. Tea is kind of Rhiannon's thing too, which made a tea-themed-ring focus image extremely fitting :)

But enough of my jibber jabber... here are a variety of my highlights of 2017 - racing around the country on the biggest adventure in my little blue fiat with my best friends, doing the thing I love; telling stories (& having adventures!) I'll let the pictures do the talking ^_^ Enjoy!

In July I got to finally realise one of my dreams of visiting the highlands when we drove to Glen Coe for the elopement of Esther & Dean. I've learned this year that I LOVE ELOPEMENTS. They are so much fun, seriously. Sneaking off into the mountains to say your vows? Maybe it's the whim-driven romanticist inside me speaking here and I really do love a good wedding but I would LOVE to capture more elopements in 2018/2019 - so you know... if you're thinking of running off to get married... *wink wink nudge nudge*

Capturing joy is kinda my jam.

Another one of my dreams were realised this summer when Beth & Dan asked me to capture their beautiful wedding in Bath Abbey!! I graduated here and this building is seriously special to me. plus, it was without a doubt one of the most beautiful churches to get married in that I've ever seen. sorry, I meant Abbey :P

Ok... so we didn't plan this... it just kinda happened. We had just been taking some nice pretty shots of Beth and Dan on the bridge in Sydney Gardens, Bath... I walked away thinking my work here was done and low and behold the canal boat came along. I don't think I've panic ran so quickly in all my life.

Bridal bubbles for some morning fun at Emma & Ash's Trevenna barns wedding in Cornwall

Yes, I did photoshop out the cats butt hole... that was more than you needed to know :P But you really can't plan for moments like these!

When the groom joins in with the wedding band... ;)



And the award for the best cake baked by the groom himself without a doubt goes to Tom!

and the prettiest little church nestled in the cornish countryside goes to Veryan church! (Where Veryan & Adam got married back in the peak of summer)

Some crazy moves!

The coolest mother of the bride hat goes to Veryan's mum!

When your sister's speech is just too funny/only slightly incriminating :P

I really did experience some insanely whimsical light this summer too!

Then there was the time my assistant/partner Jon was adorable... oh wait. He's always adorable!

Then there was Jo & David's wedding which I just can't stop sharing! This got blogged on Rock my Wedding this year and I was so excited!

If you don't have the above reaction when you get married, are you even married? :P

Then there was the time where I doubled as a bridesmaid & photographer when one of my best friends got married! If that wasn't a highlight, I don't know what is :p

There was the time these two got married by the woods in the rolling hills at the edge of the Peak District and it was just incredible. The most heartfelt vows I've ever heard.

Yes that is a Freddy Krueger glove, and yes the father of the bride is trying to pop their balloons :P

Sometimes it's the little details that get me...

And sometimes I'm just all about the confetti!

Sometimes it was really the tender moments that made it all so special...

And other times it was all about goofing around with your best friends and family!

There's been some a whole bunch of stylish outfits along the way...

There was the time Anna had an antler instead of a bridal bouquet and it was so darn cool. Also her groom Ben rocked a purple cord suit - they got married in the heart of the Cotswolds in the merry month of May and their day was soooo dreamy & fairytale.

And a whole bunch of laughter!

And then all the moments in between...

Then there was the time that these cuties got married in a vintage cinema and had a pink cadillac wedding car!

Well, to say it was a terrific year would be an understatement. Forgive me for bombarding you with a zillion photos... I'd bombard you with a zillion more if I could!
2017 has really been a cracker. So many awesome couples, awesome places and awesome skies and I'm really full of beans for 2018. So far, things are looking equally as exciting with a trip to the isle of Wight on the cards and lots more local to Cornwall!

I still have a few places left to tick off my wish list for wedding destinations... so if you're looking to get married on the Isle of Skye, Norway, isles of Scilly, Iceland, Petersham Nurseries in London (Don't even ask me why, I'm a bit nuts for place!) please do get in touch. I've got lots of availability left for late autumn/winter 2018 too. I've kind of fallen in love with winter this year and it's got me all giddy for winter weddings & elopements.

An enormous thank you for all the incredible individuals I've had the pleasure to meet and work with this year. Those who entrusted me with their precious wedding pictures - without you guys I couldn't do this brilliant job, discover new places (have a zillion mini holidays/road trips thus improving my singing and knowledge of every lyric of every indie album of the mid noughties (I hope :P)) make a whole bunch of new friends along the way, take a ton of pictures (which doesn't really feel like work but I shouldn't admit to this) and pay my rent. You guys are swell. You are the nutella to my french toast. Hats off to you.

And thank YOU, yes you reader, for taking the time to look at my work. I hope we meet one day (if we haven't already met before). Have a cracking new year and I hope your 2018 is an exciting, prosperous and jam packed filled with adventures kinda year!


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