Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Ben + Michelle's Somerset Spring Wedding at Orchardleigh House

Back in March, on what seemed to be the first day of spring, we photographed this enchanting, manor house wedding on the outskirts of Bath. After a long, cold winter, Ben & Michelle couldn't have been more fortunate with the weather to be blessed with spring warmth and hazy sunshine on their March wedding. Held at Orchardleigh house, a beautiful, Bath stone estate, the wedding was an intimate family & friends affair. 
It was elegant, classic and timeless, matching the grand location and George and I were so spoiled for picturesque photo opportunities. 
We can't thank Ben & Michelle enough for choosing us for their photographers. Their ceremony was truly spectacular and the guests were just incredible. Ben's brothers even managed to get George [my partner] to dance with them (photo evidence attached). 

Photographs edited in: Natural Finish |  Package: Full day 

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Sonia + Chris at the Mill, Near Bath: A Stormy & Charming, Winter Wedding

Back in November, the British isles were bombarded by a battalion of storms. When Sonia showed me around her quaint venue [A refurbished Mill] nestled in the middle of the countryside, we planned all sorts of rustic-inspired photos but on the day, when the wild winds howled and the rain beat against the windows, plans for country-lane photos had to change - but that didn't stop the fun! Some weddings, it takes a while for the disco and dancers to warm up, but not here. Sonia and Chris [better known as Tapp] love a party, as do their friends and it made for some of the most fun and entertaining party moments. Here are some of the highlights of their wedding :D 
They wanted a fun and relaxed approach [poses to a minimum] so George and I did our best to blend in with the crowd and capture the events as they unfolded. That's not to say we were completely invisible - Sonia is one of my friends so I also got to enjoy the wedding as a guest. 
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