Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Keren & Jake's Country Lanes Engagement Shoot

I feel like it's some kind of fate, that whenever I write in my diary that I have an engagement shoot to photograph, the heavens open and it rains - even in the most beautiful and dry of weeks. Keren and Jake were not put off however, and we navigated the winding country roads with Keren's cousin Lydia to look for a hill with a view. The weather was so foggy, we didn't find a view, however we did discover a charming lane, a chair swing and some most peculiar structures!
Despite the raindrops (and there were many) we had a lot of fun larking about in puddles. These two are so delightful, fun and beautiful in every way - Although I'm sad to see Keren end her chapter here in Bath with us because I'll miss her silliness and comforting presence, but I'm more excited and happy for her in her new journey with Jake back home in North Wales where they'll be saying their vows and beginning the adventure of a lifetime together. 
Capturing the pure, delightful love between these two souls was such an honour and treasure - 
Thankyou Keren and Jake for asking me to take these for you ^.^ <3


Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Sharon & Dan's 'Bath in the Rain' Engagement Shoot

Having briefly bonded with the energetic Sharon during a mutual friends' Dance Dissertation shoot, we quickly established, as she put it a 'Photographic Chemistry'.  I promise you that's not as weird as it sounds :P We are basically two funky humans who enjoy photographs and artsy fartsy things, so when she send me a message asking if I'd be available for photographing her and Dan's wedding in September, I was quite delighted and a massive bit excited. 
Naturally, it was pouring down with rain on the day we arranged the shoot but I am Cornish and it takes more than a bit of mizzle (something I am well adapted to) to knock my spirits. We met in a cafe and got chatting all things wedding- they filled my head with their fabulous ideas, and I don't want to reveal anything... but I can promise you, I think it's going to be a lot of fun and I can't wait to photograph it! 

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